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1.    What is Foodle©?
Foodle© is a board game about food and fun. You will learn while you laugh and laugh while you learn. Even if you don’t know a lot, you can be the winner. This game can change your life!

2.    What is Funkey Health?
Funkey Health is the name of the business that bring Foodle© to you.

3.    Where can I buy a Foodle©?
Foodle© can be bought on-line on the website ("Order Foodle©"), or at selected Toys R Us and Reggies stores. (For more details go to "What's happening" and click on Toys R Us and Reggies.)

4.    Why should I subscribe?
By subscribing you get the opportunity to get the latest news on Foodle© events, new products, competitions and newsletters.

5.    Why should I indicate that I’m a health professional?
If you are a health professional (e.g. a dietitian, medical doctor, nurse, nutritionist, pharmacist, etc) and need Foodle© promotional material, please tick the appropriate box on the Buy now page. We will send promotional material free of charge with your Foodle© game which you can use in your practice / pharmacy. If you need more material or have any suggestions, please follow the Contact us link, or write an e-mail to .

6.    How do I order Foodle©?
Go to the Buy Now link. Follow the instructions. You can either pay with your credit card or by means of a bank transfer (electronic funds transfer). Follow the procedures. A Foodle© game will be delivered to your preferred address within 3-5 working days. You can save the delivery cost if you collect your Foodle© game at: Funkey Health, First Floor, Anansi Park, Corner of 25 Church Street and Chenoweth Street, Durbanville, Cape Town, South Africa.

7.    From what age can Foodle© be played?
can be enjoyed by players from age 12 to adult.

8.    How long does it take to play a game of Foodle©?
A game takes about 60 minutes to complete.

9.    Why should I do the Quick preview?
Play & get an idea of the kind of questions to expect in the real game. The answers to the questions are not explained. However, when you buy the game most of the cards offer explanations.

10.    Who is the Foodle© Fundi?
The Foodle© Fundi is a registered dietitian who will answer your questions.

11.    What can I expect from What’s happening?
This page contains information about events new developments, success stories, and more.

12.    How do I contact you?
Click on the Contact us link and follow the instructions. Any suggestions, feedback and ideas are welcome!

13.    How much do I pay for my Foodle©?
You pay only R349.95 (excluding delivery cost). Delivery cost amounts to R40.00 per game to any location in South Africa. Contact us if you want to request a delivery outside the borders of South Africa.